Public and Corporate

Public and Corporate

“Regina Lace” was the result of a national competition to create a commemorative sculpture to acknowledge the importance of the various waves of immigration into this western Canadian city.  It is built in two sections across a reflecting pool from one another.  2009 Budget $250,000.

Commissioned by the City of Halifax, North is Freedom was placed in front of the North Halifax Memorial Library.  This was the site of the famous Halifax explosion of 1917.  The piece includes stories and bits of text referencing the history and culture of the neighbourhood.  Even Mrs. Johnson’s recipe for black eyed pees and rice is included.  2006 Budget $100,000.

Stiltwalkers was commissioned by the City of Ottawa for the West Carleton Community Centre.  The competition brief asked for a sculptural installation that would have the effect of “linking” the Hobin & Assoc. architects community building and a new hockey arena.  The West Carleton location is rural so the metaphor was that we are shaped by the land as much as we shape it.  The bronze figures were largely defined by cast and formed maple leaves.

This is the legacy sculpture for Canada 125 commissioned by the National Capital Commission.  I was artist in residence in Canada House in 1992.  We cast the faces of 350 people from all across Canada and then turned 55 of those castings into glass and built them into the matrix of the structure.  The structure was intended to reference the structures of the aboriginal communities and the development of Canada as a nation.  The budget was $120,000.

The children’s play area was commissioned by the City of Ottawa for Strathcona Park and is essentially a large sand box.  Like a Victorian folly it was inspired by the floor plans of Victorian mansions that were built in the neighbourhood.  It was constructed with real found stone pieces of local architectural history.  Parents sit and watch over their children as they play among the artifacts of their communities past.  1992 Budget $70,000.

Positioned behind the mayor’s desk in the City of Ottawa Council Chambers this piece references the 11 municipalities that were amalgamated to form Ottawa.  11 pieces of granite appear to be a close fit… but not quite.  Two cast glass figures climb on and try to shift the structure. 1992 Budget $40,000.

17 different “portraits” of individuals from every municipality that made up the newly amalgamated City of Ottawa were cast and their stories told through the possible addition of cryptic bronze additions.1192. Budget $27,000.Exterior pillars of Ottawa City

University of Toronto Music Library.  Three plaster and gesso cast figures with found instruments.

A visual pun on justice and balance in the North Bay Courthouse.  Cast fibreglass figures on a steel tightrope.

Almonte General Hospital Donor Recognition Wall.  Etched and painted mouth blown glass, drilled and bolted.  Vinyl text.  Cast bronze elements attached.

Sandy Hill Community Centre, interior glass wall and doors, Ottawa.  Leaded mouth blown glass and prisms in shaped steel frames attached over sandblasted clear glass.

Detail from an interior glass wall serving as a privacy screen. Etched and painted historical town images, drilled and bolted on both sides of the background panel.